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Owner and Operator / Guide
Gilbert Robert
My name is Gilbert Robert, I am a consultant with African Dream Adventure Safaris.

I am a Tanzanian and living permanently in Arusha town in the northern part of Tanzania.

I have been involved in the Tourism Industry for many years.   I have been a guide and I still do guiding.  I have good experience in wildlife and consider myself a good conservator.  As the owner and operator of African Dream Adventure Safaris - I am striving to make sure you will get the best service available and beyond.

We at African Dream Adventure Safaris are dedicated to serve you to the best of our ability and we can assure you a 110% commitment from every angle to make sure you get a memorable and unforgettable holiday and helping you realize your Dreams, We will give you a good time and at the same time protect our Environment and its Wildlife that we are living in.  I have studied Wildlife Ecology and through the years I have been active to promote Eco-friendly tours.

Tourism is a Lifetime industry and we want to make sure its preserved for the better of our coming generations.

Whenever I get the opportunity to lead a Tour be it Mountain or Safaris, I have actively tried to persuade my clients to practice “Leave No trace Ethics”. We will pack in and we will also pack everything out of the protected areas and deposit them on the designated areas.

Our staff are given in-house training every year to make sure they meet needed standards to provide outstanding services. We do short trips to nearby villages to help and assist in Environment oriented projects. We always try to give back to the community by helping whenever possible.

We stress to our guides to care for Wildlife and we promote sustainable Tourism by practicing Eco-friendly trips.

We at African Dream Adventure Safaris are “Conserver of the Land, Wildlife and People”.

We wish you a wonderful time in our country.
Yours Sincerely,

Gilbert Robert,
African Dream Adventure Safaris

phone: 011-255-786890049 Voice or Text

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