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Our Kilimanjaro Guides
I am 29 years old and have been climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro since 1996.

After finishing primary school I couldnít afford to continue with my secondary education because my parents didnít have enough money to support my education and as a village native it was very hard to get opportunity for further education.

I started climbing mountain as a way of earning extra cash from his village, As a native of Mount Kilimanjaro region we had few options of what to do, it was either becoming a farmer or building mud houses for food.

A friend of mine introduces me to Mt. Kilimanjaro and started as a porter in 1996.

I worked as a porter for four years and then was recruited by Kilimanjaro National park Authority  and sponsored by the Government through Ministry of Tourism and Natural resources to join a course in Mountain Guiding.

After an intensive course I was awarded by a Mountain guiding license, which enabled me to guide in all routes to Kilimanjaro.

From 2000 I started working as a Head guide; I had successfully lead groups of Tourists to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro for more than 206 times.  I attended several courses in First Aid and Outdoor Leadership. Kilimanjaro has given me a lot and am always happy to assist or guide people to the top Africa.

I am a hard working individual and can work under heavy stress; I am well motivated and looking forward to new challenges.  I enjoy company of other like to meet new people and exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.
I believe Kilimanjaro is always a challenge to anyone including myself and itís always a pleasure to share that with new and energetic people all the time.
If given a chance I will be cooperative and committed to my job and provide the best experience to our esteemed clients.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

Deogratius Francis.

Deogratius Francis