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Our Kilimanjaro Guides
I would like to tell you my short history and my working experience.

I was born in 1980 and was raised between Arusha and Kilimanjaro region as my parents are originally from Kilimanjaro and started working as a porter, I tried to continue with my studies but had financial difficulties and tried Mountain porter.

I worked as a porter for three years, I was fortunate enough to gather enough money and receive training in tour guiding course for one year. I did also graduate in community development studies and has been much of help to understand the way of life with different people.

During my training I was taking short breaks and get back to work as a assistant guide to help with my education expenses. After my Education I was contracted as full guide for most of my trips.

I attended a course in Kilimanjaro Guiding and sustainable ways of keeping Kilimanjaro clean. I successfully finish the course and got a Mountain guiding certification which allows me to guide tourists to Kilimanjaro using all available routes.

I have learned lot of ways and met a lot of people during my time in Kilimanjaro and believe itís the right path for me to follow as a career. I am looking forward to a lot of new challenges in the future, I have good working knowledge of English and can work under heavy weather condition, kind and honest.

I have successfully hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro 169 times and looking forward to triple that number with your company.

I believe I can use my past and present experience to good use in Tourism industry and specifically in Kilimanjaro guiding. I am Patient, physically strong, emotionally strong, Well Organized.

I canít wait to hear from you and your favorable consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Joshua H. Mlay

Joshua Harold Mlay